[Collab] UC2 Light-sheet microscope

This is the thread I would like to use to push the current developments of the UC2 light-sheet microscope.

This is a little update from the Lightsheet side:

I managed to print some random parrts using our formlabs. They make a great 3D light-sheet sample if you paint them with the yellow stabilo marker pen

This is 25µm layer height. We could go lower in resolution I guess…

You will see the ripples, it’s not 100% optically clear:

The scanning looks really nice. Not as good as a real sample, but promising
WhatsApp Video 2024-04-22 at 20.08.41

Then in the 3D view in napari, there is some severe background, but this is mostly due to the washed-away dyes…
Bildschirmaufnahme 2024-04-22 um 23.21.54

More information can be found here
Light-Sheet - openUC2 :slight_smile: